Sync your personal calendar

💡 Why should I learn this? A lot of Hireguide's features are accessed by recording and transcribing your interviews (e.g., transcription, personalized AI insights, and interview analytics). Connecting your calendar is necessary if you want to set up interview recordings to access the recording and transcription features in Hireguide. 

Learn by watching this video or read the instructions below.

Connect your personal calendar

Your calendar integration is managed in your Personal Settings page in Hireguide. To sync your calendar: 

  • Click the Settings tab at the bottom of the Navigation Panel on the left side of your screen
  • Click Calendar Syncing
  • Select the desired connection (i.e., Google or Microsoft)
  • Follow the instructions

Disconnect your personal calendar

Access your personal settings and click Calendar Syncing as shown above. 

If your calendar is already connected, the following modal will popup giving you the option to disconnect it. To remove the calendar integration:

  • Simply click Disconnect

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