Set up your Zoom integration for interview recording

💡Why should I learn this? Hireguide integrates with Zoom to automate interview note taking, so you can focus on the candidate and spend less time summarizing and submitting candidate feedback. With the Hireguide Zoom app, you’ll be able to access key features including: 

  • Automatically transcribe interviews with our AI notetaker
  • Get a searchable transcript with your notes, highlights, and key moments from the interview
  • Easily share notes with colleagues 
  • Sync feedback directly to your applicant tracking system (ATS)

Connect your Zoom account to Hireguide to record your interviews

Your Zoom integration is managed in your Personal Settings page in Hireguide. To allow Hireguide to record your Zoom meetings:

  • Click Settings > Personal at the bottom of the Navigation Panel on the left side of your screen
  • Click Zoom Integration
  • Click Connect Zoom and follow the instructions

After connecting your Hireguide account, when you join your Zoom meetings Zoom will still ask you to consent to the recording with their standard recording disclaimer.

Joining an interview before connecting your Zoom account to Hireguide

If you join a Zoom interview without setting up the Zoom integration in Hireguide first, the host participant in Zoom will still be able to record that specific meeting. 

Upon joining, they will receive a pop-up prompting them to allow the bot to record. 

If the host allows the recording, they will then see the standard Zoom disclaimer captured above for recording consent. 

When the meeting is finished: 

  • Set up the Zoom integration in Hireguide following the steps above

Disconnecting your Zoom account from Hireguide

By removing the integration, Hireguide won’t be able to record your Zoom meetings. Existing recordings will be kept.

Remove through Zoom

  • Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace
  • Click Manage >> Added Apps or search for the Hireguide Interview Notetaker app
  • Click the ‘Hireguide Interview Notetaker’ app
  • Click Remove

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