Record and transcribe an interview

💡 Why should I learn this? Access many of Hireguide's amazing features by recording and transcribing your interviews (e.g., transcription, personalized AI insights, and interview analytics).


Set up the recording for a single interview in a round

Learn by watching this video or reading the instructions below.

Set up the recording for a single interview round

Product Tip

🪄 These instructions explain how to set up a recording for a single interview round that has already been scheduled in your native calendar app. It requires that your calendar has been connected to Hireguide. If you haven’t done that yet, connect your personal calendar first and come back to this article to schedule the recording. 

Start by opening your desired position page and select the relevant interview round. 

Under the round heading, you’ll see each individual interview with a single candidate represented by a row. You can set up the recording either before or after adding a candidate. 

To set up the recording:

  • simply click the Set up recording button in the interview row

This brings you to a page that shows all the scheduled events in your calendar. Note that your event must have a video conferencing link, which will be indicated by the appropriate icon. 

  • Find and select the scheduled interview from the event list
  • Click Next 
  • Review the event details
  • Click Save

Hireguide will now record and transcribe your interview. If you've created an interview guide, a link to your interview guide has also been added to the event details section of your calendar event. 

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