Record all interviews automatically

💡 Why should I learn this?  A lot of Hireguide's features are accessed by recording and transcribing your interviews (e.g., transcription, personalized AI insights, and interview analytics). Setting up Auto Record gives you complete confidence that you’ll never miss out on recording an interview, regardless of when it was scheduled or whether it was created in a position first.

Learn by watching this video or reading the instructions below. 

Turn on Auto Record to automatically record all interviews

Product Tip

🪄 When Auto Record it turned on, Hireguide will automatically record all events in your calendar with the word 'Interview' in the title. You can cancel an event from being recorded at any time (before or during the interview).

Hireguide's Auto Record feature is located in the Recording’s page, which you can access from the Navigation Panel. On the main Recording’s page:

  • Access your calendar menu by clicking the watermelon arrow in the top right corner of the page 
  • Turn on Auto Record by simply checking the box beside ‘Auto Record’ 

If any of your existing calendar events have the word 'Interview' in the title, you will see them appear as rows in the Recordings Page. Hireguide's Notetaker will now record and transcribe these interviews. 

Turn off the recording for a single interview event

If you have an event in your calendar with the word 'Interview' in the title that you don't want recorded, you can turn off the recording for that individual event in the Recording’s page.

  • Click the watermelon arrow icon to expand your calendar menu
  • Find the event from your event list
  • Click the toggle button to turn off the recording, and you will see a pop-up confirming 'Notetaker will not join'

You will see the row for the event disappear from the recordings list, and that event will not be recorded.

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