Set up your TalentLyft integration

💡Why should I learn this? In just a few clicks, Hireguide integrates with TalentLyft to streamline your hiring workflow. Hireguide imports job, interview, and candidate details from TalentLyft for a seamless hiring experience. 

🪄  To set up a Hireguide <> TalentLyft integration, you need to be an Owner of your Hireguide workspace.

Step 1: Find your API key in TalentLyft

To  generate an API key in TalentLyft: 

  • Sign in to TalentLyft
  • Click on your profile icon in the upper right
  • Select App settings in the dropdown menu
  • Click Integrations in the left menu
  • Press the Settings button under TalentLyft
  • Under access tokens, click Generate
  • Copy and save the the API Key somewhere so you can easily enter it in the step below

Step 2: Add your TalentLyft API key to Hireguide

After you generate the API key in your ATS, sign into Hireguide

  • In the navigation bar on the left side of your screen, click Settings > Workspace

  • Find and select the ATS Integrations tab in the toolbar at the top of the page
  • Click + Add Integration in the top right corner of the screen, and a modal will appear with a list of ATSs
  • Find and select TalentLyft from the list

  • In the next modal, click Continue to give Hireguide access to your TalentLyft company account
  • Enter your TalentLyft API Key when prompted in the final modal
  • Click Submit

That’s it! Hireguide will begin syncing with TalentLyft and may take a few hours to complete. Hireguide will send you an email when the integration is successful. When complete, your ATS will appear in your Hireguide ATS Integrations tab under Workspace Settings (see example below). 

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