Setting up an ATS-Hireguide integration

🪄  Only users with ‘Owner’ status can manage ATS integrations in their workspace.

Where to find your ATS API key (via your ATS)

You’ll first need to generate an API key for your ATS in order to connect your ATS to Hireguide. This step is done directly in your ATS, usually through the settings menu. Often only users with “Owner’ or ‘Administrator’ status will have access to this setting in the ATS. 

Below are links to instructions on how to generate API keys for common ATS platforms. During the integration process, Hireguide will also provide you instructions on retrieving your API key for your specific ATS.

Below is an example screenshot of the instructions in Hireguide for the Greenhouse ATS (you will see yours when you are completing the integration steps below):

How to add an integration with your ATS API key

After generating an API key for your ATS, add the API key to Hireguide to establish the integration.

Hover over the Settings icon in the navigation panel on the left side of the screen. A card will appear with the option to select either ‘Personal’ or ‘Workspace’ settings. 

Under your workplace settings, select the ATS Integrations tab, and click the + Add Integration button. 

The + Add Integration button will launch a modal that prompts you to select your ATS from those listed. 

Once selected, you will then be asked to give Hireguide Access to your ATS account to integrate the two. Click Continue, and you will be brought to the modal that asks and provides instructions for accessing your ATS API key. 

Once entered, click Submit to initiate the integration. You will then be notified when the integration is complete and will be able to see your integration directly in the Workspace > ATS Integration page in Hireguide (this may take a few minutes to synchronize). 

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