Set up your SAP SuccessFactors integration

💡Why should I learn this? In just a few clicks, Hireguide integrates with SuccessFactors to streamline your hiring workflow. Hireguide imports job, interview, and candidate details from SuccessFactors for a seamless hiring experience. 

🪄  To set up a Hireguide <> SuccessFactors integration, you need to be an Owner of your Hireguide workspace.

Step 1: Retrieve your SuccessFactor API Server URL

  • You can find your SAP SuccessFactors API Server URL by visiting this link.
  • In the listed API Server URLs, search for the environment that matches your subdomain. For example, if your domain was, search for salesdemo4.
  • Copy the entire URL and save it somewhere; you will need it again in Step 4

Step 2: Retrieve your SAP SuccessFactors Company ID

  • Log into SAP SuccessFactors with your Username
  • To find your Company ID:
    • Hover over your profile photo in the upper right to display the dropdown
    • The username in the parenthesis next to your name is your username
    • Click Show Version Information
    • A modal will appear with your Company ID
  • Copy and save your Company ID, you will need it in Step 4

Step 3: Retrieve your SAP SuccessFactors Client ID and Secret

  • In your Admin Center, go to Tools, and search Manage OAuth2 Client Applications (If your page looks different, search for Manage OAuth2Client Applications in the search tool on your homepage)
  • Click Register Client Application
  • Fill out Application Name & Application URL (what actually goes in these fields is not important, except that the URL must begin with https://)
  • Click Generate X.509 Certificate. 
  • Fill out Common Name (name doesn't matter) and hit Generate.
  • Once the certificate populates, download and save it. You will have downloaded a file called Certificate.pem.
  • Click Register
  • Back on your Manage OAuth2 Client Applications, go to the application you just created and click Edit
  • You will now see an API key listed - this is your Client ID. Copy and save this Key
  • Open up the "Certificate.pem" file that you downloaded previously in a text editor. The string between ——BEGIN ENCRYPTED PRIVATE KEY——- and —-END ENCRYPTED PRIVATE KEY——- is your Client Secret. 
  • Copy and save the Client Secret, you will need it in Step 4

Step 4: Enter your SuccessFactors information in Hireguide

After you generate the API key in SuccessFactors, sign into Hireguide

  • In the navigation bar on the left side of your screen, click Settings > Workspace

  • Find and select the ATS Integrations tab in the toolbar at the top of the page
  • Click + Add Integration in the top right corner of the screen, and a modal will appear with a list of ATSs
  • Find and select SuccessFactors from the list

  • Click Continue in the next modal to give Hireguide access to your SuccessFactors company account
  • Follow the prompts in each modal to enter the information you retrieved in steps 1, 2, and 3
  • Click Submit

That’s it! Hireguide will begin syncing with SuccessFactors and may take a few hours to complete. Hireguide will send you an email when the integration is successful, and your SuccessFactors HRIS will appear in your Hireguide ATS Integrations page (see example below). 

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